‘’…I’m only interested in showing the grandeur of my countryin
historical festivities, women and children and local hawkers.
I attribute little success I have to this fact. My works are series of
colorful circles and I love them.’’

Judah Jibrin is an artist who creates vibrant and culturally rich artwork that celebrates Nigeria’s culture, focusing on themes of life, beauty, work, play, love, and harmony. His unique color application technique and incorporation of floating spectacles and batik patterns offer a visually exciting and meaningful experience for viewers. Recently completed an MFA at the Belfast School of Art, Ulster University in Northern Ireland, UK, Judah continues to explore and showcase his artistic talents.

2020 ‘’Nigeria at 60 celebration,’’ A group exhibition of paintings Oando online
exhibition. 2019 Mydrim ‘’artfair, Lagos. 2019 “Dreams,” A group exhibition of
paintings, sculpture and drawings, Vivid exclusive gallery Lagos. 2019 “Miniature art
fair,” A group exhibition of paintings and sculpture, Ogirikan gallery Lagos.
2018 “Artplug,” Ogirikan gallery Lagos.
2018 ’’Explore Pop-up Exhibition,’’ Art Share, Pl, Los Angeles CA 90013.
2017 “Acquire,” modern and contemporary African art Signature gallery Lagos.
2017 “Limitless” Aphrodelique, Ogirikan gallery Lagos.
2016 “Talent,” Contemporary and Modern Sogal art auction Lagos.

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