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Amidst Realities

Reality is the state of being real, the things in our reality that genuinely happen or exist. Some people are having difficulty embracing reality since their expectations diverge from the actual course of events. We are familiar with the expression “expectations vs reality,” and it serves to serve as a gentle reminder to be more practical. In this world, where our humanity is experiencing a thin veneer of lies and illusions, where greed has become legitimate and truthfulness has become illogical, where division is vital and oneness is fiction, where we live other people’s lives while ignoring our own, where the ego-driven cleverness of the mind is celebrated rather than the wisdom of the heart. How can we be more practical? My view is each one of us has the ability to shape the world in accordance with our own perceptions of what constitutes reality. After all, it is our life, and we are the only person who can determine how much effort we are willing to put into making anything happen. – Samson Adetunji

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This is an Exclusive Online show

Friday, Dec 23, 2022 – Saturday Feb 4, 2023


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