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Amidst Realities

Samson Adetunji’s exhibition “Amidst realities” examines the condition of our reality in the 21st century among young people. Samson believes that actuality is the condition of having a genuine mindset in order to surmount numerous obstacles. 

Our health, relationships, financial situation, and environment are among the realities that shape and define our personalities. These factors exist as tangible occurrences in our world. However, when expectations diverge from the actual course of events, some individuals struggle to accept reality. This familiar expression serves as a gentle reminder to embrace practicality.

In a world where our humanity is veiled by falsehoods and illusions, where greed is validated and truthfulness is deemed irrational, where division is prioritized and unity is dismissed, where we live through others while neglecting our own lives, and where the intellect-driven cleverness is praised above the wisdom of the heart, we must contemplate how to become more pragmatic.


Adetunji recognizes the power we hold as individuals to shape the world based on our own unique perceptions of reality. While certain realities may be evident to some, they can easily be overlooked by many when viewed collectively. Our existence grants us the agency to determine the level of dedication we are willing to invest in turning our aspirations into tangible outcomes.


This is an Exclusive Online show

Friday, Dec 23, 2022 – Saturday Feb 4, 2023


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