OGIRIKAN ART GALLERY PRESENTSAphrodelique (Entangled Art Exhibition)

Entangled is a solo exhibition. The paintings in this exhibition are done  by Adeyinka Adediran. Adeyinka has tried to show in his works the negative results of what happens when there is no love in relationships. To achieve this he has shown the two sides of the coin.

Therefore setting a scale of justice between our eyes.

A selfish partner in a realationship can result in a divorce at times.

He has also shown the benefit of true friendship, therefore leading to harmon. Teaching us to be our brother’s keeper.

Without love ,there can be no harmony , peace and unity.  So a society lacking unity and values, looses resources.

You are cordially invited to his first Solo Art Exhibition at Ogirikan Art Gallery.



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Date & Time

Entangled exhibition will be taking place on the following dates and times.

Friday July 20th

Grand Opening 10am – 8 pm


Sunday August 5th

10am – 7pm


Ogirikan Art Gallery 67, Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos

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