Ibrahim was born in 1963, schooled in Lagos, raised in Kano. He graduated from Yaba College of Technology where he majored in painting.  He is also a certified art teacher.

Hamid is presently experimenting on hands, in what he calls “handscape”. He is an accomplished artist, with a couple of awards to his credit, four Solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions at home and abroad; he is widely collected.

A founding member of (G.F.A) Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria and until recently was the vice president and a member of (S.N.A) Society of Nigeria Artists.

Artist’s Statement

In my paintings l re-imagined subject matters in a range of themes, searching for the underlying abstract form that pleasantly suggests the narratives. Producing art pieces that best communicate my ideas on all visual, sensual and intellectual levels hoping my paintings function where words fall fail.

“Our Leaders”

Title: Our Leaders
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 152 x 127 cm (60 x 50 inches)
Year: 2013

Nemesis our leader and us … ironically this painting was done some years back when corruption was at its peak.

The perpetrators seem unstoppable and untouchable.

Our Commonwealth was plundered recklessly by a few in the corridors of power that were selected to lead us in a race called democracy.

In the kleptomania that resulted in a kleptocracy the rest of us became spectator citizens suffering in poverty in all spectra of life.

Nemesis, however, always stalks these selected leaders, eventually to catch up with them. Even as you view this painting nemesis is at work in Nigeria.

They say a true artist always sees beyond.

Ogirikan Art Gallery