Judah Jibrin is an artist, designer from Kogi, Nigeria. He studied Fine Art and specialised in painting at Ahmadu Bello University, he lives in Lagos where he concentrates on studio art painting. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions.

“All colours on their own are already beautiful, but when they come together they create something even beyond beautiful…..they make the immortal magic called ART “- Judah Jibrin

Judah Jibrin is a keen observer of his surroundings he draws inspiration from lifestyles therein. Using acrylic on canvas he creates unique bubbles to form colorful mosaics.

His works are wildly published and extensively collected both at home and abroad. Jibrin is popularly known for “The Afro” and “Durbar “of 2015 – 2016

“The Discuss”

Title: The Discuss
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 127 x 91 cm (50 x 36 inches)
Year: 2017

I use bright colours because we retain our sensate selves long after we cease to be children, who are drawn to things that are fun, lively, constructive, visceral and adventurous. We all were once children and to continue to live vibrantly and vitally we must never lose our sense of wonderment that the colourful and visceral so powerfully prompts and promotes.

The Remembrance of Things Past our bridge to a bright and beautiful future. This is more urgently so in the Information Age when simulations and digitals have very nearly killed the true joy and adventure of building sand houses at the beach, construction of toy cars, the shaping of beautiful metals, the grooming and backing of baby dolls, is a reality inexplicably, and sadly, beyond our grasp.

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