ARTIST PROFILE  Kolawole Olalekan

Kolawole Olalekan, a sensational fine artist whose intuitive mind swims in formless colors and shapes which he solidifies and brings to astonishing forms using simple and easy materials for the pleasure and experiencing of all. For those who speak and understand the language of Art, Olalekan’s master pieces deliver a keynote to them. He uses coffee, acrylics, ink, pen, marker and charcoal  on both canvas and paper.

He is a full time studio artist and presently living in Lagos, Nigeria.


“Life is like threesome”

Title: Life is Like Threesome
Medium: Acrylic on Board
Size: 61 x 43 cm (24 x 17 inches)
Year: 2018

Life is interesting for an adventurous mind. Do what you can to break rules, satisfy your morals and feed your appetite with the most interesting things you can think of.
Life is like threesome..  The three can’t be satisfied at ones.
Pleasure in life comes when you understand your position.

-Kolawole Olalekan

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