BLUE STORY Jun 12 – Jul 13, 2024

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Press Release
Solo Show: Blue Story

Kolawole Olalekan is an expressionist and experimental artist whose work spans painting and drawing. His art reflects a keen observation of his immediate environment, capturing the subtle intricacies of everyday life. Through the use of figures and their positioning, Olalekan’s pieces serve as a form of social commentary imbued with intimate humor. His creative process spontaneously amalgamates conceptual elements, surrealism, and a unique interpretation of magical realism, resulting in distinctive and thought-provoking works.

Olalekan’s oeuvre spans painting and drawing, through which he offers a reflective commentary on his immediate environment, capturing the nuanced occurrences of everyday life. His art often serves as social commentary, imbued with intimate humor through the figures and positions he depicts. His creative process is marked by spontaneity, blending conceptual elements with surrealism and his unique interpretation of magical realism.

Kolawole Olalekan is known for working in series. One of his notable works, “Danfo,” centers on the popular and typically overcrowded transport system in Lagos, Nigeria. In this series, he ingeniously represents the crowded nature of these vehicles by portraying them filled with various shoes, notably absent of passengers.

His primary mediums include acrylic paints, graphite, and burnt paper. Olalekan’s work has garnered significant attention and has been widely collected both locally and internationally.
Godsend draws inspiration primarily from his concern to address various moral and social decadences, focusing on trending issues that pose threats to societal advancement. He achieves this through subjects within his immediate environment and beyond. Through his art, he takes viewers on a journey of sober reflection and self-awareness.

“The role of art and artists in effecting socio-political change has long fascinated me. I’ve observed the paradoxical nature of art in the context of protest and advocacy, as it can both foster empathy and perpetuate harmful narratives. This dichotomy has profoundly impacted my perspective, prompting a shift in my artistic orientation. I now feel compelled to utilize my narrative and art to raise awareness about critical, often overlooked issues, such as child exposure to pornography, the insidious influence of political manipulation, bestiality, and modern-day slavery. Through observation, I believe these topics have the power to shape personal identity and inform our collective conscience. Therefore, I aim to encourage my audience to engage in a sustained and conscious protest against these issues, sparking meaningful dialogue and driving positive change,” says Kolawole Olalekan.

Kolawole Olalekan’s work has been auctioned at SOGAL Auctions, Signature Beyond Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria, in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, respectively. He has participated in several group exhibitions, including, IN SEARCH, Gálárì, Lagos, Nigeria (2023); The Show Will Go On, Harmer Contemporary Art Gallery, London (2023); Art for Education, Hour Glass Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria (2022); Hueformism V, University of Benin, Edo, Nigeria (2013); and Hueformism IV, University of Benin, Edo, Nigeria (2010).

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