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Group Show: Capturing Reality

Isimi Taiwo, widely known by his artistic moniker ISIMISM, hails from Kogi State, Nigeria. As a vanguard of hyperrealism in Nigeria, Taiwo’s work embodies a remarkable synthesis of hyper-realistic conceptualization and mind-bending surrealistic techniques. His art is not merely a depiction of reality but an expressive medium through which he conveys his emotions, life experiences, and significant narratives. Central to his inspiration is the element of “water,” a vital resource for life on Earth, which he deftly incorporates into his works to symbolize and communicate profound messages.

Taiwo’s versatility is evident in his ability to traverse various artistic movements, including abstract art. Despite his forays into different styles, he is predominantly celebrated for his exceptional oil on canvas and pencil works. These mediums allow him to achieve a level of detail and realism that captivates and challenges the viewer, prompting them to reflect deeply on the themes he explores.

The journey of Isimi Taiwo into the world of art is both unconventional and inspirational. Initially, he pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a field that seemingly had little to do with his eventual artistic career. However, midway through his engineering program, Taiwo discovered his true passion lay in the arts. This revelation led to a significant and courageous decision; in his final year of engineering, he transferred to the Department of Creative Arts to follow his dream of becoming a professional artist. He graduated in 2009 with a degree in Creative Art and further enhanced his expertise by obtaining a Master’s degree (M.A) in Creative Art (Painting) from the University of Lagos.

Today, Taiwo is a recognized figure in the Nigerian art scene. His membership in The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) underscores his commitment to the artistic community and his dedication to promoting the arts. He is frequently invited to exhibitions and symposiums, not only to showcase his works but also to share his experiences and insights as a guest speaker. Taiwo’s talks often focus on encouraging young artists, providing them with guidance and inspiration on their journeys to becoming professional artists.

Folorunso Johnson, a talented and emerging artist based in Lagos, brings a fresh perspective to the realm of hyperrealism. Johnson’s creative endeavors span a diverse range of mediums, including oil, acrylic, and digital painting, reflecting his dynamic and versatile approach to art. His artistic process is deeply rooted in the tangible world, which serves as a foundational palette from which he draws inspiration to express the depths of his inner world.

Realism, for Johnson, acts as a crucial conduit between his conceptual ideas and the reality he observes. This connection guides his artistic journey, enabling him to explore and articulate his visions with clarity and precision. Through his art, Johnson delves into the most effective ways to interpret and convey his personal beliefs and perceptions of the world. This introspective exploration is at the core of his creative process, allowing him to produce works that are not only visually stunning but also rich in meaning and insight.

Johnson’s path to becoming an accomplished artist was significantly shaped by his apprenticeship under the mentorship of Olumide Ajewole, a period spanning five years. This mentorship provided him with invaluable training and guidance, helping him to refine his skills and develop his unique voice as an artist. Ajewole’s influence is evident in Johnson’s meticulous attention to detail and his ability to infuse his works with a profound sense of realism.

A pivotal moment in Johnson’s artistic career was the creation of his inaugural masterpiece, “The Crown of Athena.” This work represents a significant milestone in his artistic evolution, showcasing his growth and the depth of his creative exploration. “The Crown of Athena” is not merely a testament to his technical skill but also a reflection of his artistic journey and the themes that resonate with him.

Johnson continues to push the boundaries of realism, constantly seeking new ways to interpret and depict the world around him. His works invite viewers to engage with his perspectives and to appreciate the intricate details and thoughtful compositions that define his style. Through his art, Johnson aims to inspire and provoke thought, offering a window into his inner world and his interpretations of the broader human experience.

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