Granny’s Cloth

Granny’s cloth is a show that homes in on material that is commonly used by man from the sages of old to the 21st century.
These works exude the tactile strength of ropes as a medium with rich colours.
Transforming objects from our day to day or ones we overlook around us, in the hands of a creative mind is always a pleasure to relish.
The frames on the works are hand crafted; and they are just the icing on the cake, complementing the works in this exhibition.
The works are mostly less than 1 foot by 1 foot and requires very little wall space, usually leaving collectors no excuses.

Curator’s Statement

  –   Adeolu Tahouf


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Featured Works

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Date & Time

Granny’s Cloth exhibition will be taking place on the following dates and times.

Saturday October 13th

Grand Opening 1pm


October 14th – 20th

10am – 8pm daily


67, Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria