ArtistJoy Tom

"Joy Tom"

“As nature cries out for restoration, I respond with my art”

Joy Tom was born in Uyo, Nigeria Akwa Ibom in 1998. She graduated from Uyo University and now explores human-nature relations in her recent paintings. Through her art, Tom constructs bridges to happiness, conveying a variety of human experiences. She believes that nature is essential and aims to restore the balance between people and the environment disrupted by 21st-century life. In some paintings, she portrays a man dressed in leaves, while others show people among flora and fauna.

Joy Tom employs acrylic on canvas to create her art, selecting a range of colors from green to yellow, grey, and earth color hues. She then uses palette knives and bold brush strokes to create a textural feel, while also adding unique details to her paintings. Her resulting works showcase a distinctive and expressive style, diverging from traditional naturalism. As a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), Tom is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity, reflecting society, and instilling values through her art.

My art is created with the intention of inspiring and fostering creativity, promoting cultural diversity, instilling values, and communicating ideas. I believe that art has the power to change opinions and reflect society. As an artist, I explore nature and translate my experiences into colorful and vibrant works of art.

Acrylic is my preferred medium of expression, and I use palette knives and brushes to create beautiful textures on canvas. In my works, I frequently incorporate figures to convey a consistent message throughout my pieces. I am fascinated by the duality of life and create observations from both memory and invention.

Through my art, I strive to build bridges between cultures and unite people regardless of race. I believe that art has the power to bring people together and create a better world.



Tom’s creative process is a blend of observation, imagination, and improvisation. She draws inspiration from nature, cultural events, personal experiences, and everyday life. The result is a unique and expressive style that connects with viewers on many levels.

The Days of Humble Beginning

Acrylic on Canvas 91.44 h x 91.44 w cm (2023)

Eyes on the Price

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas 91.44 h x 91.44 w cm (2022)

Sitting in Abundance

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas 91.44 h x 91.44 w cm (2023)
"Painting by Joy Tom of a woman seated on a white chair wearing traditional attire from southern Nigeria with a green pawpaw tree in the background.


Acrylic on Canvas 91.44 h x 91.44 w cm (2023)

Memory Lane

Acrylic on Canvas 20.32 h x 20.32 w cm (2023)
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