ArtistKolawole J. Ojulowo

“Every child is an artist”

The sole focus of Kolawole’s depictions of African figures is on appreciating their physical characteristics and personalities. His facial expressions are rendered in a vintage historical style with western cultural patterns. His use of individual characters in a static, realistic composition reflects his primary interest in young African women who embrace their natural features. They are composed in a self-assured and refined manner, with an expression that exudes a particular grace. This is evident in the manner in which he depicts his subjects’ hair in all its splendour and their skin tones in their darkest hue. His work background consists of monotone nature patterns to support his communication.

His artistic style focuses on depicting his figures as accurately as possible, avoiding all hints of simulation, while also incorporating subtle elements of classicism that emerged between the Baroque and Romantic eras. The application of acrylic medium on canvas by Kolawole demonstrates an absolute color blend of identical value. He employs a sophisticated color palette, employing pastel hues in each of his works. In his paintings, there are indications of medium versatility, but they are not as prominent as they once were because his style and work perspective have evolved.

His exposure to art began with his work as an apprentice, and his creativity grew during his time as a studio artist. He has evolved from using various styles to his own distinct style since he first learned to paint at a young age. This could be because he frequently says, “Every child is an artist,” which could be true or false.
He was born in Lagos in 1997 and currently resides and works there.

Mr. Noble

Acrylic painting on Canvas 50.8 w x 60.96 h cm (2022)

My Candy Crush II

Acrylic painting on Canvas 91.4 w x 101.6 h cm (2022)

Sister Jade

Acrylic painting on Canvas 91.5 w x 121.5 h cm (2022)

The Bond

Acrylic painting on Canvas 91 w x 152 h cm (2020)

My Candy Crush (I)

Acrylic painting on Canvas 102 w x 127 h cm (2022)

Before the Party (III)

Acrylic painting on Canvas 101.6 w x 152.4 h cm (2022)

Memory lane (I)

Acrylic painting on Canvas 127 w x 152.4 h cm (2022)
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