ArtistKolawole Joshua Ojulowo

“Every child is an artist”

Kolawole’s sole portrayal of African figures is centred around appreciating the features and character of his subjects. His expressions are depicted in a vintage historical fashion featuring patterns from western culture. His use of Individual characters in a static realistic composition supports his interest to relate primarily to young African women embracing their natural features. They are composed in a confident and cultured position with an expression that carries a certain manner of gracefulness. This is perceived in the way he portrays his subjects’ hair in their splendour and the skin tones in their deepest complexion. The background of his works display patterns of nature in monotone to support his communique.

His artistic style is focused on representing his figures as precisely as possible while avoiding all hints of simulation but also displaying subdued elements of classicism that emerged between the Baroque and Romantic periods. Kolawole’s application is expressed using an acrylic medium on canvas displaying an absolute colour blend of similar value. He works with a mature colour palette utilizing pastel shades on each of his pieces. Apparent in his paintings are components of medium versatility which has been subdued due to the shift in his style and work perspective.

Kolawole’s exposure to art began with his practice as an apprentice and his creativity was developed ensuing his experience as a studio artist. With his early exposure to painting techniques, he has progressed from using various styles to adopting his present unique style influenced by his frequent statement that “Every child is an artist” either conclusive or inconclusive.


Candy Crush (1)

Acrylic painting on Canvas 102 w x 127 h cm (2022)

Aunty Mary

Acrylic painting on Canvas 101.6 w x 152.4h cm (2022)

Boy in the Hood

Acrylic painting on Canvas 60.96 w x 91.44h cm (2022)

Before the Party (1)

Acrylic painting on Canvas 101.6 w x 111.76 h cm (2022)