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maxwell olisedeme

“When working, the Stream Of Consciousness is real for me”

Maxwell Olisedeme is a self-taught artist ( b. August 12, 1996), from Delta State who grew up in Lagos-Nigeria. He discovered his talent, calling, and passion early in life. He had started in elementary school where he did a rudimentary rendering of comics and carved wooden pendants on commission from his schoolmates. With the proceeds from these, he would buy art materials with which he experimented further on the Fine art forms of painting, Sculpture, and creative drawing. Olisedeme’s unrelenting desire to develop his art practice through research has enabled him to hone his skills and artistic language to a sufficient degree which is clearly evident in his works.

Like a true artistic adventurer inspired by nature and human activities, Maxwell Olisedeme has created varieties of artworks covering landscapes, human activities, and imaginative composition. His recent works are explorations of the rich colours, textures, and designs of the Ankara fabric-a popular fabric worn across Africa for over a hundred years but now becoming popular among diaspora Africans. Some Nigerian artists are already using Ankara as collage material to create painting-like works; Olisedeme has however developed a process of painting his Ankara designs onto his canvases. The outcome of this style reveals colourful people who instead of wearing Ankara have their skins painted in a manner reminiscent of body paintings in many African cultures.

He uses a dispersal technique that makes the painted Ankara designs appear like a splash of rich colours on the body of his subjects. This gives the painting the character of an action frozen at the moment. This innovative approach by the artist has given his work a uniqueness that is the hallmark of ingenious artists.  Olisedeme’s creative trajectory cuts a picture of a young artist destined for greatness.

Music Idols

Oil painting on Canvas 145 w x 57 h cm (2020)

The Bond

Acrylic painting on Canvas 91 w x 152 h cm (2020)

First Inhabitants of the Earth

Acrylic painting on Canvas 76 w x 94 h cm (2021)

Let’s Settle Our Differences

Acrylic /oil painting on Canvas 91.4 w x 122 h cm (2021)

Lovers IV

Acrylic/oil painting on Canvas 91.4 w x 122 h cm (2021)


Acrylic painting on Canvas 63.5 w x 81.2 h cm (2021)

Tattoo U

Acrylic/oil painting on Canvas 91.4 w x 122 h cm (2021)
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