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maxwell olisedeme

“When working, the Stream of Consciousness is real for me”

Maxwell Olisedeme is a Nigerian artist with no formal training. A Delta state inhabitant who was born in 1996. He grew up in Lagos and was able to recognize his passion and aptitude for art at a young age.  Whilst he was in elementary school, the  young lad produced rudimentary comic book illustrations and carved wooden pendants for his classmates. The proceeds were used to purchase art supplies that encouraged him to investigate further. As his unyielding desire to advance his artistic practice through material investigation increased, he became increasingly motivated to do so. This desire for creativity has allowed him to refine his artistic skills and language to a degree that is evident in his works.

The young artist has created numerous works of art. From landscapes, human activities, and conceptual arrangement. Maxwell Olisedeme’s recent works explore the rich colors, textures, and patterns of the Ankara fabric. A fabric worn throughout Africa for over a century that is now gaining popularity in the diaspora. Some Nigerian artists are already utilizing Ankara as collage material to create works that resemble paintings. On the other hand, Maxwell developed a method for painting his Ankara designs onto his canvases. The result of this style is that his paintings depict colorful individuals. Instead of donning Ankara, they have their skins painted in a manner reminiscent of many African cultures’ body art.

Intricately, Maxwell Olisedeme employs a dispersal method, which causes the painted Ankara motifs to appear as a burst of vibrant colors on the bodies of his models. This gives the artwork the appearance of a frozen moment in time. The artist’s creative approach has given his work a one-of-a-kind quality that distinguishes brilliant artists. Maxwell Olisedeme’s artistic journey paints a picture of a young artist on the rise.

Masked African Student on a fence

I must Succeed

Acrylic on Canvas 145 w x 57 h cm (2020)

Help My Daddy

Acrylic paint on Canvas 63.5 w x 32 h cm (2022)
painting of a masquerade and lady

No Love Like Mine

Acrylic paint on Canvas 121.92 w x 167.64 h cm (2022)

Let’s Settle Our Differences

Acrylic /oil paint on Canvas 91.4 w x 122 h cm (2021)

Lovers IV

Acrylic/oil paint on Canvas 91.4 w x 122 h cm (2021)
Masked lovers


Acrylic paint on Canvas 63.5 w x 81.2 h cm (2021)

The Fall of Man

Acrylic/oil paint on Canvas 91.4 w x 122 h cm (2021)
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