ArtistMoses Zibor

… you leave art, art leaves you.

Multi talented Moses is a man of many parts, a model, actor, musician, footballer, physiologist, energy therapist, philanthropist, and artist. He is a Kazakhstan-based artist from Bayelsa State. He was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother.Moses studied at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, where he excelled and was recognized as The Overall Best Student in his class.

Despite a burgeoning career in which his works became highly rated and sought after, Nigeria lost a prolific, prodigious prodigy when Moses left to pursue another passion; football. In 2010, however, a resurgent Moses was armed with elegantly rendered figurative paintings, pictorial essays, and assays of contemporary men and women. His art is alive with power, colour, and with vibrancy and immediacy that is all his. To compare him to any of the great artists does little justice to his potency that bespeaks an artistic odyssey that is at once shamanistic, spiritual, socio-cultural, and metaphysical, doused in unmissable yet inexplicable humanity, le je ne sais qua.

To say that his paintings are unspeakable intimations of US; who we are, where we are, and whom and where we could be if we synergistically harness collective human energy and creativity, would be to begin to touch the essence of his quest.  In 2021 some evidence of his inner journey was exhibited at Artfully Spaced Gallery in California.

In his relentless quest to engage meaningfully and communicate his meditations and reflections, Moses has embraced many genres, having gone from what he calls  Impressionist Realism, to a mature Humanism, a mission to unite humanity through a shared experience and peaceful coexistence. Throughout his many stylistic changes he  constantly continued to champion contemporary African Art, which he said was not appreciated when he moved to Kazakhstan. His paintings summon positive emotional responses, they speak of both ancient traditions and contemporary narratives.

He paints mainly with oil paint on canvas. His paintings are also complimented with soft, vibrant, and compatible colours. His composition shows an artist who unarguably has achieved mastery of his medium. They unarguably have a powerful impact on the viewers transporting them beyond the moment into less expressible existentialism.

To his credit, Moses has three solo exhibitions and has featured in many group exhibitions in Nigeria, London Art Expo, United Kingdom, California, USA, and Kazakhstan. He also attended the Almaty Art School, Kazakhstan in 2017, and Dolce Vita Modelling School, Kazakhstan in 2015. He has the singular honor of having had his work exhibited for two years on at the Almaty museum in Kazakhstan.

Moses credits Ogrikan Art Gallery owner Adeolu Tahouf with igniting his newfound energy and passion evidenced in his new works. From her he gained the insight  that, when “you leave art, art leaves you,” but his inner muse has remained a constant companion that tenderly directs his brushstrokes with genius.

Time Will Tell

Oil on Canvas 125.98 h x 101.6 w cm (2022)

Continuous Care

Charcoal and Acrylic on Canvas 105 h x 90 w cm (2022)

DJ Cassidy

OI on Canvas 105 h x 91.44 w cm (2022)


Oil on Canvas 70.1 h x 50 w cm (2022)


Oil on Canvas 70.1 h x 50 w cm (2022)
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