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Moses Zibor: Multi-Talented Artist, Philanthropist, and Athlete

Moses Zibor is a Nigerian-born artist, athlete, and philanthropist who has made a name for himself in multiple fields. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, with a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, Moses excelled in his studies and was named the overall best student in his class at the elite Yaba College of Technology.

Despite a successful career as an artist, Nigeria lost a talented figure when Moses decided to pursue football. But in 2010, a reinvigorated Moses returned to the art world with a new collection of figurative paintings, visual essays, and portraits of modern men and women. His art is known for its strength, color, brightness, and immediacy, which reflects his creative adventure that is shamanistic, spiritual, socio-cultural, and metaphysical, drenched with unmistakable but unfathomable humanity.



Exploring the World Through His Art: Moses Zibor’s Creative Journey

His paintings are a reflection of humanity and collective human energy and creativity. They speak to who we are, where we are, and where we may be if we unify and work together. In 2021, his work was exhibited at Artfully Spaced Gallery in California, showcasing the results of his inner journey.

Moses has worked in various artistic genres, moving from what he calls Impressionist Realism to a mature Humanism, with a purpose to unify mankind through a common experience and peaceful cohabitation. He remains a staunch supporter of African art and believes it is underappreciated. His paintings elicit strong emotional reactions, exploring both old traditions and modern themes.

Moses Zibor has had three solo exhibitions and participated in several group shows in Nigeria, the UK, the US, and Kazakhstan. In 2017, he attended Almaty Art School in Kazakhstan, and in 2015, Dolce Vita Modeling School, also in Kazakhstan. He held a two-year exhibition at Kazakhstan’s Almaty museum.


Time Will Tell

Oil on Canvas 125.98 h x 101.6 w cm (2022)

Continuous Care

Oil on Canvas 104.9 h × 89.9 w cm(2022)

DJ Cassidy

OiI on Canvas 104.9 h × 89.9 w cm (2022)


Oil on Canvas 70.1 h x 50 w cm (2022)


Oil on Canvas 70.1 h x 50 w cm (2022)
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