ArtistOlufemi Kayo

“Art should not be confined to the subject of the creator”

Since completing his skilled background, he has developed an uncanny ability to create artworks that elicit the viewer’s attention, admiration, and appreciation. Olufemi develops concepts through the use of impressions and meticulously laid colour strokes. He primarily uses harmonious colour schemes, which lend his works a distinct mood and feeling. His work ranges from personal experiences to in-depth reflections on the expression of personas. Olufemi’s works elicit a variety of interpretations depending on the viewer’s perspective, as he believes that art should not be limited to the creator’s subject.

The return of the drummers

Acrylic painting on Canvas 144 w x 170 h cm (2019)

Hustle on Broad street

Acrylic painting on Canvas 170 w x 144h cm (2019)

Resilence (1)

Acrylic painting on Canvas 30 w x 93h cm (2020)

Resilence (2)

Acrylic painting on Canvas 30 w x 93 h cm (2020)
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