THE DAYS I SAT DREAMINGNov 11-Dec 18, 2023

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Press Release

The Days I Sat Dreaming, a solo exhibition by Asemokha Imomoh, where we unveil the artist’s remarkable journey and the profound connection between Imomoh’s art and the thoughts that have fueled their creative process. The artist’s inspiration stems from a deeply introspective period in their life, captured in the phrase, “The days I sat dreaming.” In these moments, Asemokha Imomoh was wide awake, standing on a table, watching humanity as it transformed from being alive to being online.

The heart of this exhibition revolves around the existential angst that is a byproduct of the daily struggle for survival. Asemokha Imomoh beautifully weaves a humanistic dialogue of hope throughout the collection, serving as the thread that binds their core existence. They express their aspiration to achieve their dreams, only to find themselves drawn into new reveries, symbolizing the unending nature of human ambition.

Each piece on display encapsulates a unique moment in Asemokha Imomoh’s personal journey, capturing their daily thoughts and experiences. Some pieces are marked by clarity in color and form, while others evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. The artist acknowledges that not all thoughts can be readily articulated; at times, words are insufficient, and they are left with profound introspection.

As you explore “The Days I Sat Dreaming” by Asemokha Imomoh, you’ll delve into the artist’s very soul. Their struggles, dreams, and tireless pursuit of comprehending the human experience are laid bare in their art. This collection mirrors the beauty of fleeting thoughts and the emotions that reside within us, all conveyed through the medium of art.

This exhibition is a tribute to Asemokha Imomoh’s unique journey, reminding us that, despite our uniqueness, we are all part of a shared struggle and shared dreams. The artist’s works resonate with the fragility and strength of the human spirit.We invite you to explore your own daydreams and discover the profound fragrance that colors our collective experiences. Join us on this extraordinary exploration of the artist’s mind and, perhaps, uncover a reflection of your own inner world.

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