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The Story of Us: I in You and You in Me

“The Story of Us: I in You and You in Me,” explores ploration of diversity in human relationships. In this collection of work, Moghalu is drawn to and inspired by his experiences and stories of selfhood and oneness, bond, heritage, and human thirst for intimacy. As a result, he creates paintings that are whimsical but truthful, employing colour, texture, and shape to tell stories in an expressionist story. Embedding a spectrum of human emotions that is reflective, which opens up the unchangeable but ambiguous portion of our human selves to want. He has made an effort to bring attention to a contrasting idea about how diversity might become a different or alternate order in human relations.

Date & Time

This is an Exclusive Online show

Monday, Dec 26, 2022 – Monday,  May 22, 2023


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