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The Story of Us: I in You and You in Me

“The Story of Us: I in You and You in Me” is an exploration of the intricate tapestry of diversity within human relationships. Through this captivating collection of artwork, Moghalu delves into the depths of his own experiences and narratives, delving into themes of self-discovery, interconnectedness, cultural heritage, and the universal yearning for intimacy.

In his whimsical yet honest paintings, Moghalu skillfully employs a vibrant palette, rich textures, and intriguing shapes to weave narratives that resonate with the viewer. Each brushstroke tells a story, as he embraces an expressive and evocative style rooted in expressionism.

Within his artwork, a spectrum of human emotions is embedded, reflecting the complexity and depth of our shared human experience. Through his art, Moghalu invites us to explore the immutable yet enigmatic aspects of our existence, igniting a desire to delve further into the boundless facets of our multifaceted selves.

Moreover, Moghalu’s work sheds light on the notion that diversity can be a catalyst for a new paradigm in human relationships. It challenges preconceived notions, encouraging us to embrace the transformative power of diverse perspectives and to seek an alternate order that celebrates and cherishes our differences.

Date & Time

This is an Exclusive Online show

Monday, Dec 26, 2022 – Monday,  May 22, 2023


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