Shifting SidesMay 18 – Jun 19, 2024

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Press Release
Morohunmubo: Shifting Sides

Morohunmubo is a mixed-media artist whose work draws visual connections through graphic lines and cascading tendrils to reference her architectural background to create richly layered artworks. Her work takes an intimate approach and uses abstraction and collage techniques to build up layers of stories and personal anecdotes as a form of embodied world-building.

Her most recent series of paintings plays with fractural layers and a mesh of swelling tendons, that inflame and protract through the varied transparencies to reveal a loose structure and grid that supports the playful abstraction in the foreground. Due to having tendinitis, her left hand was forced to replace the right, and this body of work was produced after the operation to track the shift in her mark-making techniques and translate the embodied alterations.

Morohunmubo is a Trained Architect and Artist with over 25 years combined international experience in Art, Interior Design and Architecture. She attended the Inchbald School of Interior Design UK, University of Creative Arts, UK and Castello Valentino, Turin Italy. She holds an an MBA in Digital Marketing, and is a member Royal Institute of British Architects, Architects Registration Council of Nigeria and Nigerian Institute of Architects.

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