ArtistToba Kayode Samuel

painting of abtracted black boxers

Train, fight and win – Toba Kayode Samuel

Samuel Toba Kayode is a Nigerian conceptual artist who was born in 1990 and resides in Oyo State. After studying painting at The Polytechnic Ibadan, he received a Higher National Diploma in Painting in 2018. Since completing his formal education, Samuel has always expressed his curiosity through acrylic paint on canvas.
His ability to use acrylic media in colours nearly identical to their natural hues and skillfully mix them is remarkable. His brushwork and impression techniques integrate the dynamic spontaneity of acrylic paint applied to a flat surface. Samuel Toba, an ambitious painter, blends opposing and complimentary hues with assurance. His work focuses on African imagery and general interests, which expand his visual language in favour of African heritage and transmit the splendour of culture in all its splendour.

As part of his professional development, Samuel is investigating his newfound interest in the political messages of sports heroes, specifically boxers. This is a significant advancement that will help a wide variety of individuals comprehend and accept his ideas.

Numerous of Samuel’s works are accessible to public appraisal and individual interpretation. He believes that art must be both visually beautiful and accessible to a worldwide audience.

Black abstract boxer thinking in a corner


Acrylic painting on Canvas 137.16 w x 76.71 h cm (2022)
Colourful boxers gloves painting

My Hustle is Real

Acrylic painting on Canvas 91.44 h x 60.96 w cm (2022)

Never Let your Guard Down

Acrylic painting on Canvas 57.4 h x 45.72 h cm (2022)
Black boxer in a colourful Robe

Who am I

Acrylic painting on Canvas 135 h x 78 h cm (2022)
Colourful painting of a boxer throwing punches

Limited Unlimited

Acrylic painting on Canvas 91.44 h x 60.96 w cm (2022)
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