ArtistUche Obasi

“Art can be discovered even in the most desolate places.”

Uche Obasi: Unveiling the Soul of Surrealism

Uche Obasi, a Lagos-based artist born in 1991, has gained recognition for his distinct painting style. His work delves into the convergence of metaphysical and animistic phenomena, drawing inspiration from his family’s spiritual experiences. Through his art, Obasi intricately weaves together notions of alienation and the afterlife, resulting in fantastical images that transcend ordinary perception. By demystifying superstitious beliefs in a modern context, he invites viewers on a thought-provoking journey.

Employing the technique of “hacking into the surreal,” Obasi creates animist portraits with bovine characteristics. These portrayals explore the active and passive meanings of the estranged ancestral world.  Which holds a deep interest in our lives. His paintings feature figures that blend human and animal traits, each expressing unique animal emotions. With ringed necks resembling ornaments and expressive, bulging eyes, these figures reflect the constant attention and curiosity of the ancestors in their surroundings.

Uche Obasi, through his captivating images, skillfully portrays transitioned ancestors taking on spiritually charged totemic forms, actively engaging with their offspring. Rooted in the traditional African religion, Uche Obasi’s art symbolically represents the transcendence of ancestral spirits beyond mortality, as they become revered gods. His visionary depiction envisions a harmonious coexistence of humanity, spirits, animals, trees, and objects, all united for the greater good of our planet. Uche Obasi’s art is a testament to the profound interconnectedness and spiritual depth found within traditional African beliefs.

May the Land and the Mother Earth not Eat Me

Acrylic on Canvas 142 h x 137 w cm (2023)

So I Came Back Loving the Sophistication of Your New Cities

Acrylic on Canvas 142 h x 125 w cm (2023)

When I am at The Back Let Evil be at the Front

Acrylic on Canvas 142 h x 130 w cm (2023)

I Stood watching the Piling of Corpses

Acrylic on Canvas 144 h x 140 w cm (2023)

A Man’s head Shakes the Ant’s Nest, My Trunk Suffers for it

Acrylic on Canvas 142 h x 127 w cm (2023)
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