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Visual Explorations – I

A Journey Through West African Artistry: ‘Visual Explorations-I’ in Three Parts

From this autumn through the winter season, “Visual Explorations” will be presented in three parts, each featuring five artists. Ogirikan Gallery is pleased to present this immersive exhibition, showcasing the extraordinary talents of five emerging West African artists. This carefully curated exhibition offers a captivating glimpse into West Africa’s illustrious artistic heritage by presenting a heterogeneous range of narratives rendered in a variety of media and artistic styles.


Samson Adetunji, a talented artist born in 2001 in the Nigerian state of Osun, embarks on a journey fuelled by a profound appreciation for art and a strong sense of passion. Adetunji creates evocative imagery with charcoal and acrylic while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fine and applied arts at Adeyemi University of Education (AFUED). His artwork depicts a wide range of subjects, from creatures to humans, with genuine emotions and compassion. Adetunji endeavors to reveal the inherent magnificence of our planet and to advocate for frequently misunderstood or misrepresented voices.


Emmanuel Okonkwo, a Nigerian artist whose distinctive paintings capture the essence of childhood innocence and the desire for a more forgiving and unbiased world. Through his adept color manipulation, he paints with a rich palette of earth tones, occasionally accentuated with hues that convey specific messages. An iconic aspect of Okonkwo’s art lies in his use of fabric-based graphics, employing printed wax cutouts to create symbolic masterpieces that celebrate African culture and individual identity. In his role as a figure painter, he skillfully emphasizes and exaggerates to craft visually stunning works. The intricate backgrounds, adorned with ULI linear language and contemporary symbols, signify the chaotic yet evolving nature of our world. Emmanuel Okonkwo, a Nigerian artist, invites us to embrace the value of diversity and the inherent beauty of cultural heritage.



A Nigerian artist, Dan Uduak-obong, makes a sincere effort to resurrect neglected cultures and amplify the voices of those who struggle to express themselves due to societal concerns or stigmatization, whether or not they are disabled. It is the beauty of everyday life and the complexity of human existence that motivate him to depict these marvels through art and contribute to addressing societal issues.


Yaw Boateng, a Ghanaian artist, exemplifies the vibrant tapestry of contemporary African cultures, with Ghana serving as his primary source of inspiration. Boateng skillfully combines hip-hop, street culture, and Afro-pop to create a vivid account of Ghanaian popular culture. His most recent collection exemplifies growth and vitality through the use of colors that convey depth and intensity. The artistic community eagerly anticipates the continuation of his creative journey.


Contemporary Nigerian visual artist Micheal Ajibola, renowned for his mesmerizing portraits, depicts the essence of adolescence in his work. His work depicts attitudes and contemporary society in a distinctive manner, utilizing a palette of dark brown hues against vibrant backgrounds, accentuated with floral elements and color variations. Under the tutelage of another prominent Nigerian contemporary artist, Samson Akinnire, Ajibola’s artwork depicts the complexities of human identities and constructed realities in a visually captivating manner.

The exhibition “Visual Explorations” exemplifies the substance of contemporary West African art by demonstrating the vibrant narratives and diverse techniques utilized by these up-and-coming artists. The collection is a testament to the thriving art scene, providing art enthusiasts with the opportunity to engage with and acquire compelling works that encapsulate the essence of the region.

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Friday, Sep 29, 2023 – Saturday Nov 18, 2023


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