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Godsend Mathias
Press Release
Group Show: Visual Explorations II

A Journey Through West African Artistry: ‘Visual Explorations’ in Three Parts
From this autumn through the winter season, “Visual Explorations” will be presented in three PARTS. Ogirikan Gallery is pleased to present this immersive exhibition, showcasing the extraordinary talents of five emerging West African artists. This carefully curated exhibition offers a captivating glimpse into West Africa’s illustrious artistic heritage by presenting a heterogeneous range of narratives rendered in a variety of media and artistic styles.

Ubong Ettebong (born 2001) is a figurative painter based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, and a recent BFA graduate from the University of Uyo.
Ubong’s paintings are a reflection of his current and prior surroundings. Art, he believes, is his gift and connection to the world. In his works, he explores the following themes: self-discovery, self-realization, freedom, equality, and inner-happiness. He hopes that his works would have an emotional and psychological impact on his audience.

As a young and creative painter, (b. 1997), Luther’s artistic journey has led him to experiment with various mediums, creating captivating pieces. Not only is he an artist, but he is also an advocate for environmental and climate change issues. He actively contributes to reducing waste in the environment by transforming polluting plastics into artworks. Additionally, he serves as an art educator, guiding young artists in discovering and nurturing their passion, talent, and dreams through engaging creative activities. Through these endeavors, he promotes focus, concentration, and critical thinking among aspiring artists.

Godsend Mathias is a young contemporary artist, (b. 1999), he graduated from the University of Port Harcourt. His works express a combination of realism and modernism, capturing life’s essence on canvas. His chosen mediums are acrylic and oil. His mastery of both mediums allows him to use bright colors to imbue his works with depth, rich textures, and contrast, adding vibrancy and a timeless quality that enhances the realism of his subjects.
Godsend draws inspiration primarily from his concern to address various moral and social decadences, focusing on trending issues that pose threats to societal advancement. He achieves this through subjects within his immediate environment and beyond. Through his art, he takes viewers on a journey of sober reflection and self-awareness.

Rembrandt’s bright style and expert use of light inspired Edet Uweh’s work, which shows his love of Renaissance and Medieval masterworks. His use of strong value contrasts, harmonized hues, and powerful compositions reflects his ancestors’ style.
The artist’s vision is expressed in oil, his favored media. Its pliability and slow drying time allow Edet to directly connect with his materials, enabling an adventurous creative process. Due to need and invention, his precise drawings are now in pen and ink.
Edet Uweh’s story shows inventive tenacity despite all difficulties. His rise from early doodles to complex allegorical tales shows his dedication to global communication via art. As Uweh’s creative journey continues, his contributions deepen modern realism, establishing him as a rising star.

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