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Visual Explorations – III

A Journey Through West African Artistry: ‘Visual Explorations’ in Three Parts

From this autumn through the winter season, “Visual Explorations” will be presented in three sections, each featuring five artists. Ogirikan Gallery is pleased to present this immersive exhibition, showcasing the extraordinary talents of five emerging West African artists. This carefully curated exhibition offers a captivating glimpse into West Africa’s illustrious artistic heritage by presenting a heterogeneous range of narratives rendered in a variety of media and artistic styles.

Afolabi Olabode Afeez

Afolabi Olabode Afeez is a passionate artist. His journey began in secondary school art classes. He earned a National Diploma in General Art in 2015 and a Higher National Diploma in Painting in 2018. Afeez, specializing in naturalist and figurative realism, combines nature, African designs, and human figures in captivating compositions using primarily oil paint. Through his art, he explores the boundless possibilities of nature, tradition, and the human form, reflecting a unique perspective.

Sejiro Paul Mesewaku

Mesewaku Sejiro Paul, a young Nigerian artist born in 2000, originates from the coastal town of Badagry in Lagos state. Currently enrolled in a Higher National Diploma program at the esteemed Yaba College of Technology, Paul holds a prior National Diploma in Fine Art. Influenced by his father’s passion for art from a young age, he has cultivated a unique style and thematic focus inspired by historical events in his society. Through his art, Paul articulates sentiments of love, culture, hope, pride, and exposure, contributing to the development of mindset, pride, courage, and the embrace of uniqueness among both young people and adults.

Akinbanji Osanyemi

Akinbanji Osanyemi, born in the late 80s, is a Lagos-based, self-trained visual artist and an Economics graduate of Joseph Ayo Babalola University in Osun State, Nigeria.
An astute observer, Akinbanji possesses exceptional skills in representing subjects, particularly in drawing on planes. This proficiency significantly influenced his chosen artistic style, widely recognized in the art world as ‘Realism.’

Determined to refine his craft, Akinbanji seized the opportunity to enhance his technical abilities, focusing on shading, understanding proportion, and achieving balance in his work.
In his pursuit to make a meaningful impact with his artistic skills, he emphasizes flexibility and contemporary richness in his conceptualization. Akinbanji holds the belief that art should not only showcase an individual’s skill but also serve as a powerful medium for conveying messages that address irregularities in the human world.

His unyielding thirst for innovation is evident in his versatility, showcased through striking charcoal drawings and his unique combination of collages with painting and other materials. This approach allows him to create forms that are simultaneously realistic and surrealistic.
Akinbanji practices art professionally and has actively participated in numerous art exhibitions in Lagos, Nigeria, and London, establishing himself as a noteworthy presence in the contemporary art scene.


As a female artist, my work is a celebration of mankind in all its beautiful variations. I find inspiration in the kaleidoscope of human experiences, capturing the essence of diverse cultures, genders, and identities. Through my art, I aim to reflect the unity that binds us all while honoring the individuality that makes each person unique which is greatly reflected in the movement of my embroidery works. In each strands of my wool of various colours I seek to convey the power of diversity and the strength of our shared humanity, transcending boundaries and fostering a more inclusive world.

Stephen Abhulimen

Stephen Abhulimen, a Nigerian artist born in 1996, is a contemporary realistic painter who specializes in portraying the human figure. His art revolves around capturing the essence of the human form and conveying diverse emotions and narratives. As a dedicated contemporary artist, he consistently pushes artistic boundaries, experimenting with techniques and mediums to passionately tell stories through his work.

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Thursday, Nov 30, 2023 – Wednesday Dec 31, 2023


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