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Press Release
Group Show: Visual Explorations IV

Ogirikan Gallery proudly announces the continuation of its “Visual Explorations” series this Summer, presenting the Fourth part of the exhibition featuring three exceptional artists. We are delighted to invite art enthusiasts, collectors, and the public to experience this immersive showcase that spotlights the extraordinary talents of emerging West African artists.

The meticulously curated exhibition offers a captivating journey into West Africa’s illustrious artistic heritage. Each artwork on display contributes to a rich tapestry of narratives, thoughtfully rendered in a diverse array of media and artistic styles. Ogirikan Gallery is committed to providing a platform for these artists to express their unique perspectives, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural richness of West Africa.

The featured artists bring forth a blend of traditional and contemporary influences, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience. This exhibition serves as a testament to Ogirikan Gallery’s dedication to showcasing the diversity and innovation inherent in West African art.

Ogirikan Gallery extends a warm invitation to join us in celebrating the fourth installment of “Visual Explorations.” This exhibition not only highlights the exceptional talents of emerging West African artists but also serves as an opportunity for the community to engage with and appreciate the evolving artistic landscape of the region.

Boateng, the painter, adeptly captures contemporary occurrences and societal trends, forging a distinctive artistic signature marked by an eclectic mix of media and techniques, drawing inspiration from the youth in Ghana’s fashion, entertainment, and sports scenes. Boateng’s oeuvre serves as a celebration of youth, with a recent collection exploring the monochromatic effects of green to symbolize the “growth and vigor” of adolescence.

Izuchukwu Luther Akunne captures contemplative moods in his paintings. His figures are mostly seen beside windows, which he considers a contemplation that allows viewers to experience the expanse of space without losing the center of focus in his works.

With specific mark-making on the skin of his subjects in harmonious color and texture, Luther works on canvases ranging from miniature to large.

Omotayo Ambalii is a visual artist from Nigeria. Omotayo works with acrylic, pastel, charcoal, watercolor, graphite, ink, and pen. His works often portray his love for humanity, as he enjoys painting and drawing human figures in their active or vulnerable moments.

Micheal Ajibola is a visual artist from Nigeria. He captures humans in his immediate surroundings, from family members to friends. He is a mixed media artist, and his choice mediums are oil and acrylic. On occasion, he screen prints his own designs on his canvases. His works are vibrant and vivid.

In this show, he has incorporated tin from repurposed everyday objects in the food industry.

Godstime Overere Kator, a Nigerian expressionist artist, employs bold and muted colors, expressive brushwork, and surreal imagery to evoke contemplation on the profound nature of the human condition. His works create a subdued and solemn ambiance, featuring motifs such as melting candle wax and suspended heads. These elements symbolize humanity, vulnerability, and the concealed struggles of daily life.

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