sam ebohon

Sam Ebohon studied and graduated from one of Nigerians’ oldest and prestigious art schools (Yaba College of technology) in 1990. Thereafter he went straight into studio practice in which he quickly proved his worth having produced many great works of art in different mediums.

His works are characterized by cress-cross linear strokes which tend to abstract his paintings thereby giving it a voice that is refreshingly new in intensity, boldness and a most exquisite symphony of vision. He has won many awards at home and internationally and has participated in numerous exhibitions which have had lots of good reviews in print and electronic media.

He is a respected member of the prestigious Guild of Professional Artists of Nigeria and the Society of Nigerian Artists.

“When They Behave”

Title: When They Behave
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 109 x 119 cm (43 x 47 inches)
Year: 2017


As the title of the painting suggests, my intention is to capture the rare moment in our clime when the powerful electric company decides to make its presence felt positively.
The time portrayed here is just before dawn which is represented by the ash and blue colours applied in the sky. “When they behave” a lot more people get a good night sleep.

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